With Angus Business Week (14th-18th Sept) just around the corner, Elevator is delighted to be bringing a fresh new event format:

1 Stage, 7 Minutes, any topic and any presentation method...

Speaker gary

What would you say?

This challenge is exactly what the speakers of Elevator Ignite will be taking on, and some may see it as the closest you'll get to the business equivalent of an open mic night. This special event is taking place at the Stag Hotel, Forfar, 15th Sept, 6-8pm.

Elevator Ignite invites attendees to present their own short and sharp presentations on any topic, using any means they want, but with only one catch - it must only be 7 minutes long.

As well as offering a fresh shot of information and inspiration, Elevator Ignite also offers top-class networking in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere. This can be ideal for building quality business contacts – all in a fun and laid-back atmosphere. You even get to wear whatever you want, and there will of course be refreshments, nibbles and even an open bar (but you have to pay for those drinks yourself!)

We've compiled 5 top tips to  help make your Ignite presentation a success. These tips can also be valuable for any other presentations or pitches you might undertake:

Elevator IGNITE logo1. Be sharp. You've only got 7 minutes to make your impression and convey your information, which as you can imagine is not very long at all. Make sure you keep an eye on the clock, and don't be scared to launch straight into the juicy info from the word go. After all you don't want to be cut off as you're building up to the best part!

2. Be engaging. The tight timescale also means you'll be missing out on the luxury of building up a gradual rapport with the audience, but this is all part of the challenge. A catchy and creative presentation can help grab the crowd from the word go, and throwing in a few curveballs to keep the audience guessing can help too. What those curveballs are, we'll leave up to you!

3. Don't hide behind your slides. The Ignite presentations are about the speaker and to a certain extent are a 'performance'. Don't let that word scare you off though, this simply means that the audience will be looking to focus on you, not solely the slides. It can be easy to just read them out, but making eye contact, standing prominently and using the slides to complement your presentation rather than 'being' the presentation can have a big effect.

4. Consider a worthy parting comment/ question. This can keep the audience engaged long after you've left the stage after your 7 short minutes. This can include anything from a funny analogy, a thought provoking question or even a brilliant joke - in true Elevator Ignite spirit we'll leave that up to you!

5. Have fun. Always remember, Elevator Ignite is meant to be a fun opportunity for you to present on a topic of your choosing, while challenging yourself and your presentation skills. The atmosphere will be very relaxed and laid back so there's no pressure, and if something does go wrong then that's no problem - just carry on and keep having fun!  

To book your place, please click here. If you would like to present, then please email Ross@ElevatorUK.com or by phone at 01382 443 400 with a brief outline of what topic you are going to present on. You can also contact Ross for more information on the event. To view other Elevator Events, you can view our events page here.

Angus Business Week 2015 is run by a partnership of business support organisations who are working together to meet the needs of business in Angus. For information on the full programme of events visit www.angusbusinessweek.co.uk


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