I'm not actually referring to all of the lucky people in Your office who may have received Valentines Day treats, but rather, if you employer makes you feel supported, stimulated, and gives you all of the opportunities required to help you develop in your role. 

Happy Staff at Enterprise North East Trust & Business Gateway

 Happy Staff at Enterprise North East Trust and Business Gateway

Happy Workers are Productive Workers. Warwick Business School, through their studies on the relationship between economics and mental health, have research which eludes to this truly being the case. 


"We find that human happiness has large and positive causal effects on productivity," their team said. "Positive emotions appear to invigorate human beings, while negative emotions have the opposite effect."


Certain employers in the Grampian region embrace the positive effect that happy employees can have on their business success and as a result reap the benefits that a productive and positive workforce can make. 


Are you working in an exciting and comfortable environment? 

Do you feel valued and appreciated in your role? 

Has your boss created a Staff orientated culture? 


If so, it's likely that you are lucky to work for an Employer of Choice in the Grampian region. Therefore this Valentines day, while there is love in the air, don't just take the time to show your loved one you care, nominate your Employer for the Grampian Awards for Business Excellence as Employer of the Year 2013. 


Awards like this, not only provide your company with positive brand awareness in the Grampian region and beyond, but they also function as a really good way to attract the best staff over your competitors, and hey, it can't hurt for your Boss to know that the positive and encouraging environment they have created is well appreciated. 


You can nominate your Employer here - though please ensure that you let them know you have done so, so they can be part of the application process. Registrations for the Grampian Awards for Business Excellence closes on the 22nd of February (next Friday) and applications must be submitted in advance of the 1st of March  


Best of luck to all Grampian Award Applicants! And Happy Valentines Day!  

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