In May Enterprise CEO, Gary McEwan, posted on Twitter five of the many business lessons that he had learnt. We’ve pulled them together here for you:

Having started many businesses and assisted thousands of businesses to start and grow, I have learned many lessons.

Lesson 1 - having watched many entrepreneurs succeed or fail.....'in business, stupidity is NOT ALWAYS a disadvantage'


Here we go, day 2 of 5. Lessons I have learned in business through my own mistakes (many) and the mistakes of others. Have a great day!

In observing successful and unsuccessful business models 'Great ideas don't make money. Great opportunities do! Learn to tell the difference'


Day 3 of lessons learned in business. Business life is a roller coaster. We must be able to deal with adversity. That's what today is about.

Dealing with adversity 'the worst thing ever to happen to you, on reflection years later, will be the best thing that ever happened to you'.


Day 4 of lesson learned in business and this one is key if you want to progress successfully. The theme today is 'Chose your arena'.

'Create a business that provides you with the scope to max your potential. Too many great people are better than the businesses they run'.


Day 5 of 5, lessons I have learned (often the hard way) in business over the last 30 years. Hope you've found it useful. Have a great day.

What makes a great business? 'Brand Value is everything. All the good and bad in your business will be reflected in the value of your brand'


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