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This week we present a business that is steaming ahead in the cleaning sector – MasterSteam, based in Aberdeen.

Owned and run by Mateusz Krysztofiak, MasterSteam provide professional cleaning and sanitation services using high pressure dry steam. As well as their steam cleaning services, Master Steam also provides disinfection of premises by using special treatments of silver nanoparticles.

With their services covering everything from maintaining premises, outdoor surfaces and even machines, Mateusz takes great pride in the versatility of his services;

“We are offering our customers the latest technologies to provide and maintain cleanliness which lasts for a very long time. We focus on a modern approach and high quality of service, with all of our equipment all properly and fully certified in the EU.

To find out more about Master Steam Ltd, we asked Mateusz a few questions:

Business owner: Mateusz Krysztofiak

Date business started: 30th October 2014

Business tel: 08006893715



1. What did you do before you started your business?

For last 7 years I have been self-employed. Since the beginning of my self-employment I was running a driving school in Aberdeen. I always wanted to start a business. It was always my ambition and my personal aim. Running the driving school for 7 years has given me a lot of experience when it comes to running own business. When I noticed the market niche I decided to start my own company Master Steam.

2. What drew you towards your field of business?

My reason for starting a business is the will to take advantage of a noticed market niche in Aberdeen, to introduce an innovative service based on the use of modern, environment-friendly machines and to introduce services targeting a wide group of customers.

Screen Shot 2016 03 16 at 10.48.443. What hurdles and challenges have you faced in getting to the stage you are currently at?

Just needed a lot of time to prepare my business plan but I really like challenges so never was anything that could stop me.

4. How has Elevator and Business Gateway helped you and your business on its journey?

Their help is invaluable. I could always ask for anything and always got the answer. Thank you for that! They also offer business workshops which were very helpful.

5. Since starting your business, if you could have done one thing differently, what would that be?

I thought that I could write a correct business plan myself. Today I know I should ask my business adviser immediately to put it on right track much faster. 

6. What aspect of your business have you taken the most pride in since you started?

Master Steam provides eco-friendly solutions in cleaning industry. We provide professional services using dry steam under high pressure so far unavailable on the regional market. We save water, save the environmental and we are chemical free.  

7. Do you have any entertaining stories or experiences since starting your business, unexpected events, or interesting developments?

In the first week of business activities I was very surprised when the phone rang from the first customer and I totally forgot what  the price list is. I couldn`t believe that someone wants to use the service of my company. That was so funny!

8. Has the business recently secured significant orders, expanded its premises, taken on new staff, received funding, produced something unique, increased exports, etc.?

Master Steam provide quite new services in Aberdeen so we need little more time to  increase our client base. We are a dynamic company  and gaining the leading position on the regional market.

9. What do you love about running your business? Or the sector you work in?

Every day I realize that Master Steam helps to protect our planet. We are eco!

10. What plans do you have for the future of your business?

I have a plan to expand our operations to other cities in the UK. We want to be available everywhere. 


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