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You were part of our 2018 summer accelerator? What encouraged you to take the plunge and join the cohort?  

Nexves was newly founded as applications opened for the summer accelerator, so it was perfect timing. We decided that participating in the programme would enable us to connect with several key resources, much more efficiently than we could do on our own. This was certainly the case!  

Can you explain what you found to be the main benefits?  

I could list the plethora of beneficial aspects of the programme. However, I most frequently reflect on the day we spent with Bob Keiller in his storytelling workshop alongside Derrick Thomson. This day was invaluable for me; storytelling is without a doubt the most underrated skill in leading any start up. I have gained a superpower that allows me to stand out in a homogenous marketplace and hold the attention of consumers in today’s digitally distracted world. 

What challenges, if any, have you come across and how have you overcome these?  

I think all start up founders go through a period of existential crisis with their business, questioning the overall purpose and value.  

One of our biggest challenges was convincing our chief technology officer to join our team instead of saying yes to other opportunities he was being offered at the time. Convincing partners to align themselves with us was also a challenge we had to embrace. 

How do differentiate yourself and stay ahead of competitors?  

Relentless education and exploration of almost everything. I typically read 100 books a year and I try to write two to three articles which enables me to explore my thought process and ensure I am identifying any faults in my reasoning.  

The things that most people are reluctant to do are the things I excel at. I am willing to speak to prominent individuals and connect with new people who I can develop positive working relationships with.   

You have achieved so much already, what is next for your business?  

We are currently in the process of raising our seed funding. When this closes our next phase of growth involves scaling the team and accelerating the development of our platform.  

Do you have any inspirational words for budding entrepreneurs who are looking to take their first steps into the world of business?  

Do something that matters. Help people, solve problems, and believe in yourself. Everything in the world was made by people who were no smarter than you. You can change the things that you do not like, influence progress and make changes. That is exactly what being an entrepreneur is all about – understanding the world is as fixed or malleable as we believe it to be. 

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