"Follow your passions in a way that serves the world and you" - Richard Branson

Elevator's new Perth Accelerator Programme to benefit businesses in the Creative Sector.

We are delighted to celebrate our colleague Caryn Gibson's new role in the organisation following years of supporting and advising business owners in all sectors as she launches our newest Accelerator Programme for the Creative Sector in Perth!

Today she tells us all about this new endeavour, how this will massively benefit the vibrant creative culture in Perth and her personal goals for this exciting project!

20171120 Accelerator Perth 034Caryn Gibson, Accelerator Manager - Perth.

I love this quote from Sir Richard Branson: “There is no greater thing you can do with your life and work than follow your passions in a way that serves the world and you”.

If you are a creative business owner, my goal is to help you turn your passion into your purpose.

After working as a Business Adviser with Elevator and Business Gateway for a number of years and supporting hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and dive into the world of business, I have now been presented with an exciting opportunity with Elevator to take a team of existing creative entrepreneurs, freelancers and Teams who are passionate about growing and scaling their business through a life-changing journey with this unique opportunity.

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Caryn Gibson, Elevator and Finlay Kerr, FGIC

In February 2018, in partnership with the Famous Grouse Ideas Centre, Elevator will burst into its third City and I will launch a fully funded intensive 12-week Accelerator Programme which will be based in the thriving centre of Perth at the AK Bell Library - this follows the successful launch and growth of our Elevator Accelerator Programmes in both Aberdeen and Dundee: all three Accelerator Programmes are currently open for applications to participate in the next Cohort.

20170926 Cohort1 Dundee 11320161214 Cohort4 Showcase 169

The Accelerator Programme in Perth is designed to support and encourage existing creative businesses to grow and flourish in one of Scotland’s fastest growing sectors.

Business support, collaboration and inspiration are at the heart of this journey. Participants will be immersed in the best business advice and guidance, motivated by inspirational stories, guided by mentors and engage in specialist training whilst surrounded by fellow creatives who will share the experience.

The FGIC Accelerator - powered by Elevator is the start of something very special. In Partnership with the Famous Grouse Ideas Centre which is managed by Perth & Kinross Council's Business Development Team, we are starting to lay the foundations of a powerful ecosystem of the best support available which will bring together the wider business support network to ensure a lifetime of guidance, collaboration and inspiration is available in a City that nurtures creativity, enterprise and innovation and is working towards becoming an inspirational home for creative practice.

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If you are an existing creative business in Scotland who has a desire to scale and amplify and want to join this unique journey I would love to hear from you...

To register your interest in the programme click here.

Alternatively, you can contact me via email at caryn@elevatoruk.com or call me on 07824504384.

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