Elevator extends its gratitude to our selected judging committee – a mix of the most well respected and highly regarded professionals in their industry - who dedicate time each year to scrutinise every award entry. But how do you set yourself apart and differentiate your entry?

Steve Cook, Elevator's Chairman and one of our longstanding judges, has some advice for those considering entering.

Stage One: The initial application

  • First and foremost, ensure you thoroughly read and digest the awards criteria which has been clearly outlined for the nine distinct categories. Follow the given structure in order to properly format your responses and take on board the key points to include.
  • The word count is important. Try not deviate, instead keep your answers clear and concise.
  • Use facts and figures as evidence of your business success. If you can demonstrate that your business has increased its revenue this instantly proves credibility. This is exactly the type of topline numbers the judges want to hear about!
  • We don’t know the business like you do; clearly articulate your business story and avoid industry jargon. Explain the overall picture as early as you can, why is your business different? What makes it stand out from competitors? You know the finite details best, so deliver this information in a concise and effective manner.

Stage Two: You’ve made it to the shortlist of finalists

  • Be prepared. Ample preparation helps to refine a presentation. Start with key points as your foundation and the rest of the content will fall into place.
  • Have a solid grasp of your business. The judges are there to examine all areas of your venture, therefore be equipped to answer questions of varying natures. A prop or sample also helps us gain a deeper understanding of your product or idea.
  • Find a speaking style that suits you and your business, and rehearse until you are confident. It is vital to convey your enthusiasm and energy on the day. This will help convince the judges to share your passion.
  • Lastly, smile! You’ve come this far, you have a lot to be proud of.

What are you waiting for? The award entries for 2019 are open until Wednesday 20th March. Head to our nomination page for the full list of categories, criteria and entry forms.

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