Starting your own business: Not an easy feat I think the majority of us can agree.


Time, dedication, work ethic, start up capital, superhuman powers to multi task - arguably some of the main traits needed to have the get up and go required to develop a business idea into a business reality!

What about Tenacity and Perseverence?


Tenacity: The world English dictionary describes it as
1) holding or grasping firmly
2) stubborn or persistent
3) tending to stick or to adhere. 

These are qualities often found in start up businesses who have achieved success in their business when they have had significant physical, social, economic, mental or financial hurdles and challenges to overcome to get their business off the ground.


John Shaw, Start up Business Advisor At Enteprise North East Trust delivery Business gateway says 'Starting a business is difficult at the best of times, but some of our clients have come through real personal hardship to realise their ambition of running their own business. Working with them through this journey is a humbling one which we as advisors find really rewarding and inspiring.'

At Enterprise North East Trust, we are so lucky to get to meet and work with people in some such circumstances, and are inspired with their perseverance to achieve their goals against all odds. 

Grampian Awards for Business Excellence 2013


That's why this year, we are keen to reward this tenacity with our brand new 'Spirit of Enterprise' Award, one of the 10 Grampian Awards of Business Excellence 2013 which went live at the end of last month (you can read our blog about the official launch here).

Registration for these awards closes on Friday the 22nd of February 2013 and once registered, full applications must be submitted in advance of the 1st of March 2013.


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