Can you help Elevator find Scotland's rising stars? 

Reading the press today, you might have been excited to learn about Sabrina Pastersk - the extremely bright 22-year old who, when aged 14 had designed and flown solo her own single-engine plane. 

When she walked into MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) aged 14 she astounded the university’s top professors and has since been proclaimed as ‘the next Einstein’. The list of things she is researching at present reads like something from the popular sitcom, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and she has also attracted some NASA big wigs to her theories with great interest. 

the big bang theory

At Elevator, we are not necessarily searching for the next Einstein, but we ARE looking to source rising stars from the pool of Scottish business owners and entrepreneurs who have 2 weeks left to pitch for a spot on Elevator’s Accelerator Programmes.

These Programmes are ideal for business owners who want to grow, scale, launch or transform their business. Within Elevator’s Accelerator Programme, we look at topics such as business model canvasing, market research, mission and values, customer relationships, company culture, team dynamics, cash-flow, intellectual property and everything in between.


The closing date for applications is Monday the 1st of February at 5PM. Accelerator Founders will start their Programme on Monday 22nd of February 2016.  

it is simple to enter with a quick note of you and your business name (if you have one yet) and the upload of a short video pitch. 

Best of luck to everyone applying - hopefully we at Elevator can be part of your successful business journey!  

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