Louise Chrystal of Louise Chrystal - Hair was delighted today to find that she is a lucky winner of the Elevator Video Pitch competition and £1,000 to boost her Aberdeen Blo Dry business. 

Elevator and Business Gateway launched the video pitching competition as part of North East Business Week in April 2015, at the ‘Magically Enhance your Elevator Pitch’ event. All video pitches were then reviewed by a team of Elevator judges and were whittled down to the top 6.

In July we received a grand total of 1,104 votes on these videos, 346 of these votes were for Louise Chrystal Hair and her video pitch ‘Blo Dry’. 

You can watch Louise’s video and the 5 other top pitching videos here. 

Louise said about winning the £1,000:

Louise Giant Cheque cropped “I heard about pitch perfect from my fantastic advisor Debbie Moir. It was close to the submission date but she felt I could pull it off! I called in some help from colleagues and put together my video clip in a couple of days. It was great fun to do and I feel it really put across my vision. It has raised awareness of my plans, attracted interest from other business people, as well as created a buzz amongst my clients. I'm absolutely delighted to win!! The money will go towards securing premises to open Blo Dry....Watch this space!!"

No prizes for second place unfortunately but Tom McAra and his team at Rebel PT received the second highest number of votes with 298 votes for their video pitch. Tom said about the experience: 

rebel pt tom mcara

“Alice and I really enjoyed the experience, it was a lot of fun making the video. We got a great motivational boost from seeing the Rebel community, family, friends, and friends of friends get behind the team sharing and voting! It helped to demonstrate the support network we have behind us which provided more of a boost then the £1000 would have! Thanks for helping us discover that and giving us the experience. It made for an exciting little side project!”

Andrew Burnett, Operations Director at Elevator said:

Andrew Burnett 2 Portrait"It can be quite difficult to create an Elevator Pitch that clearly articulates a product or service in an interesting and engaging manner. Elevator and Business Gateway assisted North East businesses to navigate their way through this process by establishing an Elevator Pitch competition. This has provided businesses with the opportunity to obtain high quality advice and valuable tips before the opportunity to record their own 60 second video pitch for £1,000 start up funding. This has attracted wide spread interest from the business community who had the final say in determining the winner. With over 1,100 votes posted, I’m delighted for Louise Chrystal has emerged victorious and will utilise her prize to assist in developing her business Blo Dry, which will bring something new to the Aberdeen hair and beauty industry." 

Congratulations to Louise - pictured here with Andrew Burnett, Operations Director at Elevator - collecting her giant cheque. Thank you to the supporters of this competition and the 1,104 voters!

Louise Blo Dry Hair £1,000 video pitch competition winner

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