Here we are just 52 hours away from the deadline for Elevator Award applications and as per usual we are seeing a mass of last minute submissions.

Are you scribbling away desperately on such a submission right now? Well why don’t you pour yourself a coffee and read our top tips before perfecting those final touches.

Deadline date is 5pm on Friday the 13th of March 2015.

Keep it concise

Judges have many applications to work through so the important information that is relevant to the award category should be clear. The Elevator Award applications have been streamlined with word counts and pointers as to what should be included. Use these as your guide and review and cut down so that you are getting your points across in the most concise manner.

Your Unique Qualities

Similar to submitting a CV for a job application, judges will be looking for the unique qualities that you and your business possess that make you stand out from the crowd. You will be inherently aware of what makes you stand out from your competitors and other businesses so these are the elements you want to shout about. These awards are all about commending business excellence and success you have enjoyed.

Care and Attention

It is obvious to judges when time and care has been taken with an entry (and when it has not been). Copying and pasting from your website or a business plan, might seem like a clever short cut however laziness in an application does show. Extract key information from existing documents by all means, but spend some time blending your information into a format that mirrors the information requested.

Stick to application criteria

Judges often advise that applications which come out on top are the ones who clearly follow the requested criteria ~ it is therefore essential to read the questions carefully and answer them with as much clarity as possible.

A second pair of eyes

Obtaining a second opinion and input from others is good, both from internal and external sources. Often customers, employees and suppliers will think of things to promote and sell your business that you wouldn’t have necessarily highlighted yourself. It’s also a great idea to get someone with a keen eye for detail to review your submission before you send it off.

No time to be shy

This is your opportunity to put your business in the limelight – don’t be shy.  Be big and be proud of your business and your achievements - the Elevator Awards commend business excellence in the North East of Scotland and this is your opportunity to demonstrate that your business is making a significant impact to the business community.

Your Personality

It is important that you get across the successful qualities of the business, profitability and impact on the community, but if you are the business owner or a member of the team working on this successful business, please include information about you. Behind successful businesses are successful leaders and teams and the judges will want to hear about this most relatable aspect of your business. 

It’s not too late!

Our application process is straight forward and if your business has something special to shout about this could be a fantastic opportunity to get your name out there and celebrate the success you have worked hard to achieve. Whether submitting an application yourself or with a mentor/PR Company you’ve still got a few days to create something special to engage and wow the judges.

Register here for an application:

Register for the elevator awards 2015 business excellence and success


Finalists will be announced on Friday the 20th of March.

Winners will celebrate on awards evening on the 25th of June 2015 at the Mercure Ardoe House Hotel, like this happy bunch from last year!

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