Business Advice is one of the business areas we specialise in, simply put it's helping people realise their ambition or turning their passion into a business.

There are times when we will advise straight out and there are times when we will question until the client comes to their own conclusion, so really it's part advisor and part counsellor.

What qualifications do you need to be an advisor?

Some of our Advisors have degrees, some have business experience from running their own venture in the past and some have specialised in something like financials or marketing. All our Advisors have completed the Premier Advisor qualification after joining us.

What other skills does a Business Advisor need?

They need to be diplomatic, show empathy and be sympathetic to the clients feelings - sometimes people have been dreaming of turning their hobby into a business for years.

Time management is another important skill an Advisor has to hone. You could be meeting a client in Fraserburgh in the morning and Stonehaven in the afternoon, as well as writing up the case notes from each and actually travelling between the two places.

Flexibility is another good quality in a Business Advisor. There are lots of great networking events for us to get out and meet with clients - prospective, old and new but these are often before the usual 9.00 am start and after the traditional 5.00 pm finish so we work round these to get out there and be seen.

Last year we helped over 1500 businesses start in Grampain and Tayside and that makes us pretty proud of what we do.

Do you see yourself or someone you know in the role of Business Advisor? We are recruiting at the moment and would love to hear from you. Take a look on our webpage for all the information you need

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