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Sunday 19 January 2020 – just another day in January? Well, not exactly.

According to Strava research, this is the day most individuals will give up their New Year resolutions. And, what’s worse, the ‘most depressing day’ of the year or ‘Blue Monday’ as it is most commonly known, follows closely on Monday 20 January.  

Our New Year positivity can quickly fade when we realise we are in the deepest part of winter but this year we know things are going to be different. This is not the start of any old year; it is the beginning of a new decade.

If now doesn’t seem like a prime opportunity to be brave and do something new, then when would?

At Elevator we always strive for improvement and encourage all Founders on our Accelerators to be inspired, think out of the box and make their business visions happen.

With this in mind, we have put together some useful tips to help you act like an entrepreneur and make this year – 2020 – your best one yet:

One: Write down at least five goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months. Whether these relate to your personal or business life, written goals help to improve your focus and allow you to stay on track.

Two: Think about your why. Knowing what you want to achieve is a start, but do you understand why? By making your goals specific and clear, you will remain encouraged and more likely to succeed.

Three: Make an action plan and be dedicated; a key reason behind failure is because individuals are not committed. Once you have identified the steps you need to reach your goals, allocate a manageable and realistic amount of time to spend working on each goal and make them happen.

Four: Track your progress. Recording your completed tasks and milestones will give you that rewarding feeling of accomplishment. Improving gradually on a regular basis will enhance your positivity and restore your faith that you can do this. 

Five: Above all else, to act entrepreneurial individuals must feel empowered to take the lead and create their own positive change. Be in a position where you have a strong support network around you. This is in our core DNA at Elevator – each of our Accelerator Founders becomes part of a group who not only understand each other’s ideas but feel able to offer constructive suggestions for improvement. 

Caroline Bentley, owner of Greenways: Dundee’s Zero Waste Hub and Founder on Cohort 7 of our Dundee Accelerator, summarises her experience:

“The Accelerator challenged and supported me and my new business in equal measures. The availability of experienced people, useful tools and a space to call an office was vital. Likewise, being part of a group of Founders that grew to know each other's concepts almost as well as their own was invaluable. I would recommend applying for a place on the Accelerator if you are open to exploring your business idea in greater detail and ready to maximise the use of the resources available.”

If one of your goals is to take your business to the next level, then a fully funded Elevator Accelerator could be for you. Why not find out more and apply today?

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