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Today we are joined by the dynamic duo from Bagels & Stuff - Louise and Laura, winners of the Most Promising New Business awards at the Elevator Awards 2015: 20150625 Elevator Awards 222

Confessions of a 36-year-old (to her 20-year-old self!) 

“If I knew then what I know now”

Ok, so it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday grind.

You go to school, you study, you study harder, you get a job at the weekend, you study some more, get a career, and one day you realise that you’re now just that wee bit older and hopefully (in most of our cases) a lot wiser.  

How did we get here and what did we learn on the way?

It’s difficult to see the lessons you have learnt and what you can pass on until you sit down actually think about it.

So what have we learned on the way to where we are today? 

If we could be Marty McFly for a day and jump in our Delorean heading back to the past what would we tell our younger selves to ease the path…

  1. Do what you love – Whatever this may be, do it.
  2. Save, save and save and learn to manage money.
  3. Listen – some people have been there before and do know what they’re speaking about!  Some also don’t of course!
  4. Do not envy – make yourself a better version of you rather than a copy version of someone else.
  5. Don’t worry – what's for you won’t go by you, and everything will be fine.
  6. Don’t believe the hype about beauty products, They ALL lie 
  7. Watch what you eat and take care of your body, it won’t always look like that you know. 
  8. Be spontaneous, nothing is more exciting than doing something fun without preparation. 
  9. Be passionate in everything you do, and grab opportunities as they arise.
  10. Children are the most stressful thing that will happen to your life, so if you think it’s school, uni, relationships, diet, hair etc I can assure you wait till you have CHILDREN. These things will seem like fun! 
  11. Learn and learn some more, make every day a school day. 
  12. Be kind and fair, people will be much more willing to help you along the way.
  13. Get over the nerves and ask them out

...I’m sure our younger selves would simply roll their eyes.

Advice is never easy to take and is even harder to take when it isn’t what you want to hear. Learn from those who inspire you, be it in school at home or in the workplace. We have all met people who have guided us in the right direction many of us simply might not quite appreciate them yet. 

Louise and Laura x  

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