Students and staff alike were inspired at the Be Your Own Boss event held on Wednesday the 5th of March at North East Scotland College.

Attendees on the day were treated to motivational talks by a number of speakers including Andrew Gibbons (pictured below centre) of clothing brand Young Bull and band Milk Interference (below left).

Enterprise were delighted at the resounding success of the event, receiving fantastic feedback. Attendee comments included:

"The event we attended was inspirational. A young man, Andrew Gibbon, gave us a presentation on his journey from would be student, car accident, to young and successful entrepreneur." - Kathy Horne, lecturer.

"Glad to be involved. It was interesting for me this year attending as a Lecturer with my classes! I personally found the speakers (Judith MacDonald & Alison Walker) to be a real inspiration, they gave a very honest account and didn’t just paint a glossy picture, which I’m sure the students appreciated. I think the students now appreciate self employment as a viable opportunity for them, if not now then perhaps in the future."  - Stephen Morrison, lecturer.

If you've got a few minutes spare and would like to hear more of Milk Interefence, you can hear their song 'Keith' here.

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