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Our Business Spotlight feature goes global this week, as we introduce Matthew Warren, and his business Scotexport.

Founded in April of this year, Scotexport is an international marketing and support organisation currently marketing and promoting its offering to Scottish companies of all sizes. 

Following Matthew’s 25 years working in global marketing, living and working abroad, he felt that the time was right for him to return to Scotland to put his honed skills into action. Scotexport was therefore created with the culmination of Matthew’s skills and experience in international marketing. As a result, through Scotexport, Matthew is able to manage and apply his skills to all elements of a successful international marketing project.

Scotexport works to help grow Scottish businesses by assisting them to get their products and services to international markets, primarily through trade exhibitions and international marketing initiatives. The international markets include 'emerging markets', in addition to the more traditional trading centres for Scottish exports. 

While potential exporting businesses currently have the services of Scottish Enterprise, Smart Exporter, Scottish Development International, and UKTI, that offer support and assistance on taking steps into global markets, Scotexport was created to compliment these services. Matthew of Scotexport outlines that their unique offering is its full international package. This turnkey service includes everything from bespoke marketing projects and researching markets to managing shipping, travel, accommodation and anything else a client requires to make steps into a global market.

Mathew seeks to build Scotexport into a member-driven organisation, with strength in numbers as its core.  Matthew notes:

“Scotexport has a fairly unique offering, in that it is building a membership system, whereby the membership’s cumulative buying power helps secure the most cost effective rates from third party suppliers. For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, every member is eligible to a profit share of Scotexport, pro rata their contribution to Scotexport’s revenue."

In progressing the business idea to its launch in April 2013, Matthew recalls the support received by both Business Gateway Perth and Perth & Kinross Council:

“In developing Scotexport, I engaged with both Business Gateway, and Perth and Kinross Council Business Growth Team. Both were invaluable in providing direction and advice to help me start to get things up and running.”

Ever mindful of the future, Matthew highlights the Scottish Government’s aim to increase the value of Scottish exports by 50% by 2017:

“As the Scottish Government works towards this aim, a significant amount of resources will be needed to get Scotland’s world-class products to international markets. It’s a very exciting time to be, or to consider being an international exporter.”

Matthew adds:

“Research has shown that exporting companies tend to perform in both good and not so good economic climates. The quality of Scottish goods, services and products is extremely high, and given the right assistance, they will be successful internationally.”

For the meantime however, Matthew says he plans to continue to promote and drive Scotexport forward: "helping businesses make possible steps from local business, to becoming successful international companies, which also helps to strengthen the Scottish economy overall."



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