Carbon Responsible
12% anticipated reduction in CO2e emissions across all participating SMEs when decarbonisation plans are fully enacted

In 2022, Elevator joined in partnership with our friends at Carbon Responsible - the carbon management experts that help their clients chart a path toward net-zero, and navigate a complex and ever changing sustainability landscape.

With their 10+ years of experience in emissions disclosure, we worked with Carbon Responsible's managed service tools to help Scottish SMEs both measure and understand their won't decarbonisation strategies.

So SMEs - Can we move the needle?


Here at Elevator, we recognised that there was an unmet demand by small and medium businesses to get their hands on high quality measurement, and some amount of knowledge about how firms of that size can enact decarbonisation strategies. The problem? Not many firms out there could deliver the measurement at scale needed and couple it with expertise around decarbonisation. Elevator and Carbon Responsible connected and began discussion a joint solution.


Elevator and Carbon Responsible devised a strategy where our existing customer base would be offered access to Carbon Responsible’s Self Certification Module (SCM). Customers would be walked through how to use the tool to measure the emissions associated with their operations. Carbon Responsible branded the tool for Elevator UK, and helped to craft a free, SME-specific decarbonisation plan that each customer who successfully completed measuring their emissions would automatically get. Elevator and Carbon Responsible’s partnership is ongoing and open to Scottish SMEs

Value Delivered

As a pilot project, this effort between Carbon Responsible and Elevator has helped dozens of Scottish SMEs understand the emissions, however small, associated with their operation. Crucially too, these businesses now have knowledge about how to decarbonise their operations and access to resources allowing them to leverage government schemes to assist with future-proofing their operations. Carbon Responsible and Elevator are actively exploring expanding the partnership to other geographies.




(source: Carbon Responsible)

For more information on our partnership with Carbon Responsible, contact us here.

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