The Enterprise Challenge is an annually held activity weekend with a business focus, where attendees will be put through a number of tasks and challenges relating to the skills needed for business, to push them out of their comfort zone, and show them what they are really made of.

This year's Enterprise Challenge took place from Friday 20th June through to Sunday 22nd June at Dounans, Aberfoyle.
27 young, aspiring entrepreneurs attended, undertaking a number of challenges including boat building, blindfolded obstacle courses, climbing, problem solving as well as a variety of indoor business team tasks. 

There was also copious amounts of water, and a dunk in the pond for many!

The Enterprise Challenge helped a number of attendees reach goals and had a massive impact on their personal development, which will hopefully result positively in their careers in Entrepreneurship.

6 attendees were awarded individual Enterprise Challenge awards:

Penny Leake, Kenny Chan and Alec Reid were recognised with awards for being team players, whilst Euan Duff was recognised with an award for his leadership skills.

Karol Godzinki was awarded a personal award for showing his commitment to the various projects throughout the weekend but specifically his determination not to stop when it appeared that his boat creation was not going to work.

Bianca Prodon was awarded due to her overcoming some huge obstacles, with her describing the weekend as a significant step in her life. Bianca struggled with confidence and a number of task, but came on in leaps and bounds throughout the weekend. She described her Challenge experience as 'life changing'.

David Townsend was voted by the attendees as the person they would like to see return next year as a team leader, with David consistently impressing throughout the weekend.

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