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We are very lucky to have an esteemed published author in our midst. Elevator’s Chief Executive, Honorary Professor for Entrepreneurship at the University of Dundee and ‘serial entrepreneur’, Gary McEwan has recently had his work published in the highly respected SAGE Journals.

SAGE is an independent company that publishes journals, books, and library products for the educational, scholarly, and professional markets. 

You can read Gary’s full article entitled 'Delivering entrepreneurship training and support’ by clicking on the link below. 

gary mcewanProf. Gary McEwan: “Our task is to assist fledging entrepreneurs around common mistakes and help them achieve success. We have formed opinions along the way as to what is needed to maximise the economic upside of firstly creating more entrepreneurs, and secondly supporting the growth of ones with ambition and potential. Key learning principles are identified that we have applied in our organisation to achieve three objectives: how to stimulate more entrepreneurial activity; how to minimise early stage entrepreneurial mortality; and how to identify the key barriers that prevent business growth...

Read the full article here: 

Delivering entrepreneurship training and support  

Happy reading folks! 

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