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“The programme gives you access to more mentors than you can shake a stick at! And what an amazing, inspirational and generous group of people to challenge, motivate, inspire and guide you on your journey."

Hilary Campbell Founder of Studybuddi Ltd

We caught up with Hilary Campbell Founder of Hello Spelling and Alumni from our Cohort 8 Dundee Flagship Accelerator to find out more about her experience.   

“Elevator’s Accelerator has made a huge difference to my business. And the crazy part is, I didn’t realise know how much I needed it. For me, there are probably five things I wish I knew about myself, my business and the programme itself before starting my journey." 

1. You CannoDo IAll Yourself!

Like many start-ups I suffered from DIY syndromethinking that I could or should do it all myself, or at least take things to a certain point before involving others.   

Whilst ‘tinker time’ in your little shed or cupboard under the stairs is an important part of developing a new product or service, it definitely needs to be balanced with getting out there and engaging with customers, suppliers and even competitors. The Accelerator programme showed me how to let others in and why it is not just useful, but essential to your development process.   

2. Find Companions to Share the Journey 

I learnt so much from the other Cohort 8 Founders! It was brilliant to feel part of a collective journey and share experiences, something which is continuing even beyond our initial 12-weeks.    

Additionally, I was also able to connect with previous participants, resulting in a fantastic collaboration that has enormously enhanced my progress. Sharing your journey with others boosts morale and accountability, as well as having lots of different perspectives to tap in toIt is also great to feel that you can support others on a similar path in some small way. What goes around, comes around.  

3. Listen to the professionals!

The programme gives you access to more mentors than you can shake a stick at! And what an amazing, inspirational and generous group of people to challenge, motivate, inspire and guide you on your journey. 

The Accelerator model involves a lot of feedback from so many different mentors and agitators, set to ruffle your feathers and force you to look at things differently. At times it seems daunting, but each piece of the jigsaw soon builds up to reveal a picture you might not even have thought of. 

4. Market Validation, Market Validation, Market Validation! 

The holy grail of business development and probably my biggest blind spot.   

I learnt so much, not only about why market validation is so important, but also how to carry it out effectively at all stages of the start-up process. I’m looking forward to the next phase of my business knowing that I can incorporate powerful learning from effective market validation. 

5. Never End Upon the Receiving End of Andy Campbell’s Marketing Campaigns! 

Although slightly terrifying, Andy taught us to be brave and have fun when communicating with others about your product or service. If you are not enjoying it, then it is highly likely others won’t either.  

What’s Next?  

Before participating in Elevator’s Dundee Flagship Accelerator, I was really stuck in a rutI felt I was going round and round in circles. During the 12 weeks, I was able to re-assess my core offering as well as my business strategy in a way that simply would not have been possible on my own.  

I now have a product and business model that has real potential to succeed. Most importantly, I feel empowered to – as Elevator says, #makeithappen.”  

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