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"Being part of something, sharing experiences, learning together and learning from each other is a key feature of our programmes."

Karen Clark Programme and Events Operations Manager

Why should I be part of a cohort on the Elevator programme – why can’t I just read and listen to the focusses on my own?

Karen Clark, our Programme and Events Operations Manager, speaks all about our Elevator Programme in her article below and why YOU should apply to be part of our programmes.  

‘It’s good to talk…’

"Some of you - very few of you, may remember the iconic BT adverts with Bob Hoskins, a man who was synonymous of that phrase. It was over 20 years ago now (!), but the famous tagline couldn’t be more apt. 

"We are all aware of the benefits of talking to each other, of telling stories, of opening our hearts and sharing our secrets. So, what has that got to do with being a Founder on the Elevator Programme?

"Being part of something, sharing experiences, learning together and learning from each other is a key feature of our programmes. That social interaction, the coming together, the chit chat, the person asking the question that secretly you wanted to ask, the seeing, hearing, and doing the same thing as someone else; that shared experience and support is what being part of an Elevator Cohort is about.

"Even online, that collective experience has a huge part to play. Our programme managers create a safe place to talk about past and present experiences, but also to share hopes, dreams, ambitions, while creating opportunities to learn from others. 

"Talking through the learnings from a workshop, discussing the various business tools we introduce our Founders to, assessing the viability of ideas, acting as a sounding board are key activities to ensure our Founders get the most from our programmes. We must not forget the crucial reflection on stage gates, 1-2-1s with our agitators and mentors, dissecting feedback and the pre-pitch nerves. 

"Creating moments of belonging - of being part of something, is vital for us as humans. We have a strong, inherent desire for social connection. The culture running through our programmes and created by our Founders, allows for that connection, discovery and sharing.

"Our hope? To help gel the individuals walking the same journey, to help create bonds, networks and collaborations that last well beyond the 12-week programme.

"Starting, growing and scaling a business can be a lonely and sometimes scary place! Your cohort and the Elevator team are here to support, encourage and challenge you every step of the way as we work through the DISCOVER, DEVELOPMENT and DELIVERY phases of the programme.    

"We focus on you the Founder, your challenges, your ambition but you have to be prepared to put in the work to get there. After all, it is your idea, your business and your opportunity. We know from experience it can be that bit easier with a team of people around you who understands what you are going through."

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