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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQ AAAAJDYyNTU5OWZjLTJkOTUtNDk0ZC05ZGQ3LWQ0ZmJkYTcyODU2MwToday we hear from Berit Braun- 1st year IR and Spanish Student at the University of Aberdeen & LEVEL-UP! Conference – Committee Member. Berit is on hand to tell us about the upcoming conference taking place in Aberdeen on the 13th and 14th of February 2016. You can find more information by visiting the LEVEL-UP! Facebook page here.


LEVEL-UP! Conference: Win at the hunting and gathering parts of the careers game.LEVEL UP Photo

In some respects, not that much seems to have changed since the Stone Age. More and more people follow the fashionable paleo diet and we know from social media and reality TV that both hunting (poor Cecil) and gathering (or it’s extreme form: hoarding) are very much en vogue.

However, when it comes to our professional lives something has changed. Once it was enough to be either a hunter OR a gatherer. Not anymore. The global market has ever-increasing demands – employers want the whole package: The ideal employee is a multi-talent. He gathers: Skills, contacts and knowledge; but is also capable of hunting down success during job interviews, presentations and assessment centres. Ironically, despite the growing pressures, that employee is also ideally calm, relaxed and mindful.

Sounds like a lot? It is, admittedly. And you start asking yourself: Am I ever going to be that person? And does my degree really help me gain the right knowledge, yet alone skills and contacts?

Screen Shot 2016 01 19 at 10.28.19But, to go back to ancient times: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and contrary to popular wisdom, the first step doesn’t have to be the hardest. This is where LEVEL-UP!, our student-led conference, comes in: It was designed to provide all delegates with the necessary tools to wing both the hunting and the gathering part of the careers game. Conveniently, the conference acts as a skills development boot camp as well as an instructions manual for developing your personal brand further.

Experts from all over the UK and Europe will bring workshops and talks right to you on the University of Aberdeen campus, so save the date (13th and 14th February 2016). 


If you would like to attend you can book your place by clicking here.




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