In the run up to our huge Elevator Conference 2015, when over 650 delegates will be motivated by our 9 inspiring speakers on the topic of #MakingItHappen, we are hearing some great insights into life and business from our speakers on our blog...

AndrewToday we hear from Andrew Dobbie of MadeBrave®, a full service digital creative agency in Glasgow, as he talks about building a culture from the inside out. 

Business has changed. Over the years I’ve noticed there has been a massive shift in brands – it’s not just about buying and selling anymore (although, that’s still essential!) there’s a lot more to it than before. Look at some of the biggest names in the world; what sets the likes of Google and Apple apart from their competitors is that everything they do, sell, preach and promote is about building a culture, their culture – and everyone’s welcome to join. 

Here at MadeBrave®, the way we create ours is by not taking ourselves too seriously – whether it’s through scooting about on the office Segway, beer o’clock Fridays, or the content we post on social media, we’ve organically built this culture around the day-to-day goings on in the studio. 

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When I first started MadeBrave® in 2012, one of the things I knew from the get-go is that I didn’t want us to be like everyone else – I wanted to focus on a community-led culture, rather than a corporate one.

The thing is, we spend more time at work than we do with our families, so why not make it fun while we’re at it? That’s the secret behind building a culture – focusing on what you do internally and creating an environment where your team feel comfortable and happy. It’s an age-old saying that you should treat people the way you wish to be treated, and when that happens in a company, everyone works to their best ability because they share the same vision. 

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What happens next, is that people on the outside start to notice your culture and want to get involved. This has massively affected our recruitment process; we get hundreds of applications for every job we advertise – each more imaginative than the last (we once had the Mad Hatter show up at the door – yep, really). This is all in response to how we do things - people know they can push the boundaries a little and be, well, brave. 

Naturally, this way of thinking lends itself quite easily to a creative agency, people almost expect that of our industry nowadays, but what’s to say this can’t be the case for all industries? The key is in building a community around people rather than building a business on stereotypes – ask your team, ask your friends, think about what you want to experience every day: That’s one of the best things about starting a business, you can make it into anything you want.   

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