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Ben Leonard triumphs as he makes it as a finalist in not one, but two categories of our 2019 Elevator Awards.

Establishing Beast Gear in Spring 2016, the 31-year-old has created a brand which offers top-class training equipment to anyone with an interest in exercise, from beginner level through to elite fitness fanatics.

With strength, dependability and valour core to every product, we caught up with the business mogul to find out how he beasts his own business goals.  

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Congratulations and congratulations again. Two nominations – you must be delighted?

I really am over the moon; it is an absolute privilege to be nominated for two categories. I am so grateful to be recognised as an emerging entrepreneur but also my company, Beast Gear, has been acknowledged for its success so far. This is now my second time involved with the awards and the experience - on both occasions - has been great.

What inspired you to start your own entrepreneurial journey?

I never intended to go on an entrepreneurial journey. Beast Gear was a fun project I embarked on whilst out of training due to heart problems. I was frustrated that I could not take part in my usual fitness hobbies and - with a lot of spare time on my hands - it got me thinking that I was not fully satisfied with the training equipment and service provided by suppliers in the current marketplace. The adventure spiralled from there, and I embarked on my mission to help anyone and everyone to better themselves through use of the best go-to fitness gear.

One of the awards you’ve been recognised in is Business Success Under 3 Years. What do you think is the most important thing that SMEs need to get right when starting out?

Intellectual property rights, without a shadow of a doubt. It is critical to be switched on with this immediately – you may surprise yourself at how many areas of your company can be protected. It makes sense to protect your business so it can be distinguished from competitors and protected against infringement by others. 

As one of our recognised emerging entrepreneurs, what advice would you give for individuals looking to follow in your footsteps?

Go for it. Do not let anything hold you back. Personally, I found it useful to learn by doing and failing fast. You will improve on your mistakes and gain feedback much faster than spending too much time perfecting an initial solution. 

I did not come from a business background or have formal business training, but Elevator and Business Gateway provided me with invaluable support. Passion for the idea you have is the key!  

What are you most excited about for the future?

I am so excited about the future of Beast Gear and unleashing the growth potential for the brand. I am immensely proud that some of our products have been rated #1 by The Independent and The Evening Standard. I have a few additional business ideas too, so watch this space…

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