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“The experience was thoroughly enjoyable and challenging. I was taken completely out of my comfort zone whilst given the skills to survive and thrive. I did not believe my mindset could be changed so much at this point in my career, but it certainly has been!”

Raymond Cowan Recycl8

Eager to make a positive impact on the worldwide concrete industry, Recycl8 developed an innovative solution to ensure that all commercial and household waste is recycled, and that incinerator ash does not go to landfill sites 

Founders, Ian Skene, Raymond Cowan and Yvonne Walkermet and formed Recycl8 during Grey Matters 4 in 2019. We caught up with the team to hear about their Elevator experience and catch-up on their operations.   

What were your aims/goals when joining the Grey Matters?  

Ian: I was fairly open about my expectations. My goal was to source the information and establish the connections I required in order to develop a proper business platform for my business idea. 

Raymond: “My aim was to get involved with a new, start-up company from its inception and be part of its growth from day one. 

Did you have any preconceived ideas of what to expect?  

Yvonne: “I assumed Grey Matters would be heavily populated with oil and gas downturn casualties from a certain demographic who were stuck in the past. I was very wrong. I used to thank Elevator’s John Harris on a weekly basis for giving me the push to join as it was nothing like I had assumed!” 

Ian: “I had experience of new project development in the past, however I was still very open to advancing my skillset for future endeavours.” 

What was your experience – on a whole, like?  

Raymond: “The experience was thoroughly enjoyable and challenging. was taken completely out of my comfort zone whilst given the skills to survive and thrive. I did not believe my mindset could be changed so much at this point in my career, but it certainly has been!” 

Yvonne: “I had a great experience and learned so much along the way. Presenting was never something which came naturally to me, but when it came to pitching at the final showcase, it all fell into place.” 

Do you feel the programme has been a platform for helping develop you/your business further?  

Ian: I believe that Grey Matters supported me by reinforcing my capability to move the project forward, but at faster rate, with the experienced professionals reinforcing the project plan. The programme also gave a unique set of openings to Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway and local entrepreneurs who have all given excellent information and support for our project. With this assistance, we have been able to apply for grant funding.” 

Raymond: “Without a doubt, Grey Matters has helped me develop as a person. I would previously avoid certain scenarios (e.g. presenting) however now I feel equipped to cope and actually look forward to presenting. The programme has exposed us to the entrepreneurial ecosystemwhich has already benefitted our business development and will continue to do so going forward.  

Karen Clark and John Harris are incredibly supportive and available to help wherever they can, which was – and still is, very much appreciated. 

Where is your business now?  

Ian: The business is now close to securing funding for the licensing, planning and testing of our unique process. This technique will reduce the carbon footprint by substituting cement in concrete and recycling Incinerator Bottom Ash from incinerators. We have applied for the patent for our unique process, which this is soon to be completed.” 

Yvonne: “Recently, Elevator nominated us for the Early Stage Growth Challenge Fund administered by Scottish Enterprise, which we were successful in being awarded. This is excellent news for Recycl8 and stands us in good stead for pushing forward with our business plans.” 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Raymond: It seemed like a substantial commitment initially, however in reality it was an incredible opportunity that I am extremely grateful I had. I would absolutely recommend it; to anyone thinking about it, go for it!” 

Yvonne: “This is an amazing opportunity as long as you have a positive mindset, understand the commitment required to really participate and give it your best. I came out of the programme with a great new team to work with, an incredibly supportive ecosystem and a full suite of tools to support our team to set up a successful business.”  

Grey Matters Cohort 5 & 6 are kicking-off on 2nd and 5th November. To find out more, register for our information session on Wednesday 23rd September here

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