Today we hear from two of our speakers at Elevator's 'Making it Happen' Conference. 

Tom and Alice McAra from Rebel PT give us a glimpse into their talk at the Making it Happen Conference, taking place tomorrow at the AECC, and how #RebelLife is Making it Happen.

Tom and AliceRebel PT is an outdoor, fitness and social club in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. 

Just over 4-years old, the community is run by brother and sister duo, Tom and Alice McAra and with just under 300 members the ethos is simple “get out and get active”. 

Founder, Owner and Chief Rebel, Tom talks us through how the team #makeithappen:

“We promote long-term healthy lifestyles by helping our members to enjoy being more active in weekly boot camp-style outdoor classes, organising weekend events and taking part in team events and races throughout Scotland.

Making It Happen for us is about staying focused on why we are running this community in the first place. We believe people are meant to run, jump, crawl, sweat and play! The Rebel way of life works for all ages and abilities, our members have different goals and through a combination of our weekly classes and weekend events, they all manage to achieve these. 

The community is supportive, we have fun and rely on teamwork and group motivation to get us through each event or tough training session. 

Each year, our class sizes grow and the number of members who join in with the events and races expands too! 

Our work as leaders and trainers is to make sure the community work hard and get involved in all that we offer, the success stories are based on the members who fully embrace the #RebelLife and this ranges from a Rebel member winning the recent Banchory Beast Race to one who just completed their first 10k running race or walking up Scolty Hill.

For me and the team, we make it happen by getting involved with the community - we compete, climb Munros, go on a training run or cycle and play a game of rounders right alongside our members.” 

#RebelLife #MakingItHappen

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