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"We found there was something we could take from every session, and the expert input from experienced business owners was invaluable."


Doug Lester and Joanna Fraser launched Fertility Genomics in February 2021, with the aim of providing a simple DNA test to determine whether customers have any gene mutations that may cause infertility, along with advice as to the best assisted conception route for them. 

Their unique offering also gives all customers the opportunity to take part in ground-breaking research, which ultimately will help more people have babies. 

They joined our Academic Accelerator in autumn 2020 at the beginning of the company’s journey, seeking mentorship and inspiration to supercharge their launch.  

“We found out about the Accelerator programme online and thought it would be a great opportunity to understand the processes involved in setting up a business,” said Doug. 

“We were also really keen to gain support and mentorship from those running and collaborating with the programme.” 

With the pair joining the Accelerator at the early stages of their business development, they found it was the perfect opportunity to learn from others further along in their journeys.  

“Our experience with the Accelerator was fantastic. We found there was something we could take from every session, and the expert input from experienced business owners was invaluable. Their experience and background meant they could relate to our challenges and help us through them.” 

Since taking part, Fertility Genomics has grown exponentially through the launch of its website and expanding its team. Joanna explains, “While the website sells directly to the customer, we’re also investigating business-to-business sales and have already had interest from fertility clinics. We now have four members of staff, including a Chief Marketing Officer, and are working with Abertay University to hire part-time interns.” 

“Another exciting highlight is that Doug has recently been asked to present a webinar for The European Fertility Society on the genetic causes of infertility.”  

Summing up their Accelerator journey, Joanna concluded, “Our advice to anyone considering joining an Accelerator programme is to go for it! Attend as many sessions as you can, listen, take notes, ask lots of questions and develop your own perspective from there. 

“We’re grateful to the programme for everything we’ve learned and the many great people, including the Agitators, we’ve been introduced to. One great thing about the Accelerator is that the support and contact does not end when you complete it. It continues with invites to webinars, catch-ups and emails, so we are able to seek advice and support while also building business relationships with individuals we’ve been introduced to via the Elevator staff and the Agitators.” 

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