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"The Accelerator process challenged me and required some bravery, but it also inspired me to ‘think big’ about the future."


Carol Arnott is the founder of Get Set Yeti! (previously known as Growth Mindset Yeti) and alumni of cohort 10.

An experienced educator with a passion for improving the attainment gap in education, Carol Arnott was referred to the Accelerator programme by her Business Gateway Tayside adviser.

Working in education for over a decade, Carol gained invaluable insight into how teaching methods and personality traits impact our ability to learn and grow. She realised that giving children and their families the tools to view their potential with a ‘Growth Mindset’ can have a far reaching impact on their confidence and learning resilience.

After finding a lack of appropriate resources for younger children, Carol was motivated to create her story based learning programme, delivering Growth Mindset in an age accessible format. Using colourful illustrated characters and stories to inspire and engage young learners, she piloted her materials in school across Dundee. The result? Over 100 educational practitioners reported them as impactful.

Carol’s subsequent growing business was hit by the onset of Covid-19 in March 2020 and the following closure of schools across Scotland meant that Carol was forced to diversify. She has since redesigned and developed her programmes into online learning, developing new resources, teaching programmes and e-books on different subject areas using her yeti characters.

During lockdown, Carol was offered the opportunity of going through the Accelerator programme for a second time which she knew would be beneficial as her new online business was potentially a much bigger venture than before.

Commenting on her experience, she said: "I was given access to business experts and mentors who have been invaluable in giving me the support, knowledge and confidence to work to grow my business. The Accelerator process challenged me and required some bravery, but it also inspired me to ‘think big’ about the future."

Thanks to the input of Accelerator agitators and external experts that she connected with during the programme, she identified growth opportunities in the wider international arena and has diversified into new markets and new areas of provision including a digital magazine for families and a themed resource to help families with their children’s emotional literacy and wellbeing.

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