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“My experience on the Accelerator was extraordinary! It took my business thinking to another level."


Inspired by the love of top quality, locally produced food and the community, Mad Potato is an online platform where you can order fresh local produce and have it delivered directly to your door.  

Founder Ramona Obafemi is on a mission to reshape consumers’ shopping habits by making them think and choose local first. In order to bring her Mad Potato concept to life, Ramona joined Elevator’s Aberdeen Programme in September 2020.  

“I started the programme with just an idea, we didn’t even have a name. I just knew there were people out there who were struggling to source products from local suppliers and there were local suppliers who couldn’t reach their customers. I joined the programme to transform my idea into an actual viable business.”  

Despite previously starting and growing a different business called Highlander Café Bus, Ramona found that the programme was the perfect platform to learn from others.  

“My experience on the Accelerator was extraordinary! It took my business thinking to another level. The programme really makes you drill down on every single aspect of your business to the finest detail. I even came up with the name Mad Potato after a group session with the other Founders. The support throughout the programme from the staff, agitators and guest speakers was invaluable.  

“I feel so grateful to have taken part in this Accelerator and to have created such strong bonds, even though the programme was fully delivered online.”  

Since taking part, Ramona opened her first Mad Potato store at the end of May 2021 and continues to expand the product offering on the website. She explains, “I have managed to implement a number of the elements I learned during the Accelerator to the business so far. We noticed an increase in demand for quality products during lockdown. We feel that covid-19 has really made people realise the importance of supporting small producers and the difference in quality of their products.” 

Ramona’s advice for anyone considering joining an Accelerator - “Dedicate as much time as you can – you get out of it what you put in. Develop connections with agitators and friendships with your fellow Founders. It is not just about you and your business, it is about being part of something much greater than that and building your businesses together.”     

Looking to the future, Ramona continues to work with her Business Gateway Aberdeen adviser and will receive a tailored action plan for the next 12 months of her business journey. 

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