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The importance of mastering a pitch to present you and your business these days could not be more paramount. 

Whether you need to submit a video pitch for a competition, an application for funding or have to do a live elevator pitch to a bank, investor or at a networking event, maybe you are one of the brave souls going into Dragons Den, or The Apprentice, or just want to wow a potential client in the pub - getting this pitch nailed will help you in so many ways.  

louise video pitch

Louise Chrystal - winner of our video pitch competition

Not only does it help in the above and similar scenarios, but much like writing down your plans and aspirations for the business in a business plan, it keeps YOU clear on -

what you do

who you help

what pain you relieve for a customer

what makes you unique or the best

what is special about you and your brand

and what your 'call to actions’ for listeners/viewers are - i.e. what do you want people to do at the end of your pitch. Find out more? sign on the dotted line? visit your website? 

The preparation and the presentation itself are all valuable experiences for you as a business owner. 

The more you practice your pitch, and the more opportunities you have to get feedback from people on it - the better it becomes. The more you highlight sections that could be better yourself when you hear it out loud. 

I remember myself my first visit to BNI Scotland (Business Networking International)- as a relatively outgoing person, I was still a bag of nerves - a year later of pitching every week and learning from every pitch - I embraced and looked forward to it, my pitch became more concise, more enthusiastic, more entertaining (I hope). People got it. Practice makes perfect. 

Mich SpeechJPG

Michelle Barclay from Elevator

Elevator currently has two opportunities for you to pitch that might be of interest. 

The first is an opportunity to become a Founder in the second wave (or ‘cohort’) of our business accelerator programme. Geared at entrepreneurs with ambitions to be a global success within energy and technology sectors, this could be an opportunity to re-access all assumptions you have about your business, utilise world class mentors, obtain an ivy league education in entrepreneurial principles, utilise unique connections and training, accelerate the growth of your business, and propel your business into global market places. If this sounds like something of interest, you can register your interest HERE. 

elevator programme aberdeen

Synchronise. IO - Founders of Cohort 1 - Accelerator Programme

We are also working to encourage ‘friends of Elevator’ (YOU) to apply for Scottish Edge Funding, earning up to £100,000 for your business! To assist with this we are holding SCOTEdge Pitch Training Events in both Aberdeen and Dundee in August to help you master 'the art of the pitch' and hear tips from previous winners, judges and representatives from the Scottish Edge Fund to enhance your chances of success. 

TheEdge 19thAugust 1

Book on either of these events at

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get pitching! 

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