Once in a while an opportunity comes along and you can not quite express in words how much you want people to grab it with both hands! this is such an opportunity... 

You may have spotted our emails and social media posts on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, if not... next Wednesday (19th of August) we are hosting two pitch training events. 

A morning session in Dundee and an afternoon session in Aberdeen to train business owners/ entrepreneurs/ aspiring entrepreneurs to equip them to pitch for £100,000 of Scottish Edge Funding - an amazing opportunity to propel their business to new markets, obtain staff and or premises and improve their path to business success (in fact, they can spend the money on whatever they want).

Elevator have joined forces with Scottish Edge Fund and VentureFest Scotland to create a training and inspiration event to get business owners of all sizes ready to pitch for this funding. 

We are delighted to welcome Errin Todd of Lobster Pod to speak to our event attendees about her amazing experience of pitching for and winning the FULL prize of £100,000 for her business 8 months ago.

Her enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit is infectious and she will be telling her tale of pitching and earning the funding which has phenomenally transformed her innovative, patent pending live shellfish storage and transportation system. Lobster Pod: http://www.lobsterpod.co.uk/  

You can watch Errin’s pitch video here:

erin todd lobster pod

We will also have tips on the ‘art of pitching’, an insight from a Scottish Edge Fund judge and advice on the pitching process. 

I urge you to either attend one of the sessions to find out more and/or to share this with all of your contacts and clients who could be possible applicants for funding – a written application and video pitch is all that is required at stage one. 

I can’t emphasise enough what an amazing opportunity for businesses this funding is!

I am told that Aberdeen City & Shire and Tayside are two of the lowest rates for applications for Scottish Edge Funding which is baffling as the Business Gateway advisers always have enquiries from business looking for any type of funding available.  

Bookings for this free event can be made at:


TheEdge 19thAugust 1

This info is also present on all of the Elevator social media channels if you would like to share with your online networks. 

This is an Elevator event, in association with Scottish Edge Funding and VentureFest Scotland. 

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