From the High Seas to High Tea

This week we look at a Perth business that has drawn inspiration from a fine mix of traditional Scottish cuisine and culture, complemented by foreign elements from further afield.

With Perth already famed for the quality of its dining, newly opened café bistro Decadence is the latest jewel in this crown. Founded by Lorna and Donald McAlister, in partnership with Lorna’s sister Audrey and her partner Derek, the business opened its doors to the public on February the 24th. Decadence offers quality food and drink that truly lives up to its name, all in the charming environment of a traditional Scottish tearoom.

For former Royal Navy officer Donald however, Decadence represents a very different challenge. During his service, he spent time in Hong Kong, served in the Falkland Islands during the 1982 conflict, and participated in mine clearance operations in the Persian Gulf during the Iran - Iraq war.

However, with the combined experience between the founding partners, Decadence is a challenge they are all looking forward to:

“Lorna and Audrey have many years experience of running their own companies and working in the catering world. Lorna continues to work at a local not for profit café in Perth having “retired” from running her own Ceramics Company after 25 years.

I also held a role as the Managing Director of a marine towing company based in the southeast of England following my departure from the Navy.”

However, Business Gateway has always been close by to offer support and advice in helping get Decadence airborne, as Donald recalls:

“Business Gateway operate in a friendly manner and have allowed us to have a better understanding of marketing (especially social media), and all matters concerning HR - all of which we are extremely grateful for.”

With Decadence also being an employer – bringing five paid positions to the area, Human Resources support is something that has been important to Donald and Lorna throughout their business planning. Through Business Gateway’s specialist HR adviser, access to free expert advice has provided this significant boost.

Certainly, the future of Decadence looks set to blossom. Donald adds:

“As a new business we are on track so far to meet our financial projections, and we hope to be a small but important local business within the next 12 months.”

“An application has also been made for a liquor license, which will enable us to turn the café into a fine little Bistro for evening meals. In addition we are developing a takeaway menu, outside catering, and providing the setting for private parties on the premises. Whatever your requirement we will endeavor to satisfy your culinary needs.”

On a closing note, Donald recalls why the partners made the decision to open Decadence:

“We have a passion for Scotland and all it has to offer. We also wanted to contribute a little to making Perth a memorable experience for the many people who come to enjoy this fine City, as well as the local population that call the city home.”

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