Arnold’s Catering - Special Occasions, Fresh Ingredients and Gangplanks.

Welcome to our newest feature that we, the ‘enetweeps’ at Enterprise North East Trust will be running on a weekly basis - our brand new ‘Business Spotlight’.

Despite how it sounds, It isn’t a special kind of office lighting, illuminating certain dazzled workers, but instead it is a spotlight to illuminate some of the businesses that we work with! If you get support from Enterprise North East Trust and Business Gateway, we’d be happy to feature you under our Business Spotlight. Our first business we’d like to introduce to you is Arnold’s Catering.

Arnold’s Catering is based in Arbroath, but serves Fife, Angus and Tayside. It is a family run business with the driving force behind being the mother and daughter team of Sandra and Steffie Arnold. This successful partnership drive the efficiency and success of the company. In comparison, a partnership with my parents would likely lead to much burnt food and me probably being sent to my room! (even though I’m in my 20’s!)

We should next cast our spotlight onto the food, of which Sandra and Steffie hold particular pride - Everything they prepare is made entirely from fresh ingredients. This means no pre-packaged or frozen foods, no cash and carry, and even the sandwich filings have the privilege of having much time and concentration funnelled into them as they are sculpted from the base ingredients. Their food has even grown legs and begun to cross the globe! In one instance, at a corporate event, some American visitors asked for an additional batch to take back to their families back in the good ol’ US of A. Other food items have also taken jaunts to London amongst other places!
Arnold’s Catering caters for everything from weddings to birthdays, corporate lunches and everything in between. However, catering for all these different occasions throws up some sometimes very ‘interesting’ scenarios... Steffie Arnold recalls a time they were contracted to cater for a boat party:

“We were asked to cater for a wedding on a boat with no kitchen! We brought our own ovens with us, carried them up the gang plank along with kegs of beer for the bar, and we made a make-shift kitchen in a cordoned off area where we couldn't even stand up straight. But we still managed to serve delicious “Arnold” quality food to all the guests who had a great time!”

Sometimes Arnold’s Catering services have found that demand can put them in a far from smooth spot, but never being ones to compromise on service delivery or effiency, they have taken these challenges by the scruff of the neck! Steffie also described catering for three Burns Suppers on the same night in three different locations!

“Whilst serving at the first venue, we were cooking big pots of boiling haggis, neeps & tatties ready to be moved hot to the next function and so on! This was all in addition to big production lines of fast moving plates!”

What Enterprise North East Trust blog would be complete without the nod to our fantastic business support? Sandra and Steffie remeber the support they recieved from the Business Gateway in getting their business that vital push to get it lifted off:

"Business Gateway have been a great help! An advisor came to meet me and we chatted for a while about all the different aspects of my business from funding to marketing and the best way to go about expanding "Arnolds Catering". He also pointed me in the direction of some new contacts which I have now gained some more business leads from! It's helped me to focus on the right parts of my business and move forward more positively!"

And what does this family team put their successes down to? The answer is simple according to Steffie!

“This worked smoothly as a result of our meticulous planning beforehand. It's all in the planning!”

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