Screen Shot 2018 05 24 at 13.30.04Today's guest blog has been written by Simon Jauncey, one of the Founders who participated in our newest Accelerator programme, the Famous Grouse Ideas Centre powered by Elevator Accelerator. This 12-week programme based in Perth is open to ambitious entrepreneurs and teams looking to accelerate their creative or design business.

Simon Jauncey's business, Simon Jauncey Photography, provides beautifully artistic and professional photography covering architecture, portraiture, interiors and much more, polished through decades of experience working with some of the worlds largest brands and companies.

In this blog, Simon discusses his experience taking part in the Creative Accelerator programme, and how it has given him the tools, confidence and clarity to drive his business further ahead. 


Screen Shot 2018 05 24 at 13.31.58As I spend quite a lot of my professional life photographing buildings, a nerdy thought crept into my mind on the way home from the Famous Grouse Ideas Centre Accelerator powered by Elevator Showcase.

Given that an elevator pitch should be able to be presented quickly between floors in a lift, perhaps the Burj Kalifa in Dubai would have been the world’s only building tall enough to host our 3-minute pitches at the event!

I suppose thoughts like this are simply an indication of the slightly hysterical, hyperactive & euphoric state of mind we were all in at the end of the Showcase, which sadly marked the end of our truly amazing 12-week journey on the Creative Accelerator.

For me personally, Elevator has been a brilliant way of addressing the challenges of being a professional photographer in today’s fast-changing & competitive world. The old ways simply don’t cut it in the way they used to, so to have expert, focused business guidance is really a no-brainer.


After 30 years of shooting ad campaigns, magazine features & other commercial work for clients as diverse as Ford, Kodak, Knight Frank, Hello Magazine, Jacob’s & Johnnie Walker, this injection of sharp-end commercial advice has enabled me to identify key markets & hone my websites & strategies accordingly.

Screen Shot 2018 05 24 at 13.28.40Within a few weeks of being selected to join the Accelerator programme, I was looking back at the previous 30 years amazed that I had survived without these skills! Within  a further 4 weeks, I was beginning to understand that much of what we were learning, I had in fact been doing all along but in a random, unstructured & undisciplined way!

As a result, the structures, strategies & tools we have been given by Perth Accelerator Manager Caryn Gibson & all the mentors have been a massive boost for all of us in confidence & clarity­. Along with the excellent support network we now have access to, we can boast a bunch of close friends too!

Screen Shot 2018 05 24 at 13.29.09Back to my lights, camera & the real future now -  and I for one am feeling elevated, accelerated and inspired! Thank you Elevator – you’re the business!


Based in Perth, a Scottish hotspot for art, design and creativity, the Famous Grouse Ideas Centre Accelerator powered by Elevator aims to immerse your creative or design business in expert support and guidance to help you flourish.

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