I have a dream (but really need to make it a reality)

Guest blog by Andrew Burnett, Operations Director, Elevator

IMG 3173You have been (I know) thinking long and hard about starting up your new venture. You’ve had an idea that’s been bubbling away for what seems like a lifetime, an ever present itch that challenges you to think where you will be in 3 months, 6 months, a year. A gnawing reminder that you could well have it in you to be your own boss, be the master or mistress of your own destiny and to become a fully-fledged member of an elite group brave enough to say, “I risked it all and look at me now!”

While you do realise that the Richard Branson or Alan Sugars of this world are in the minority you are happy to look forward to some hazy point in time where your biggest challenge is keeping up with demand, where your employees keep everything ticking along nicely and you can concentrate all of your energies on your next venture. 

shutterstock 168540149 Converted e1436259139842Then as you remove and carefully return your rose tinted spectacles to their case the reality returns and washes over you. You are alone, more than a little afraid and while you hold the vision of what you want to achieve in your head you have no real idea as to how to make it happen. Will it be successful and are you even sure what constitutes success? What do you risk and will this be compensated by your reward?  You thought that your studying days were over and now you are getting an insight into just how much more there is to be learned. 

IMG 4514My advice to you is relatively straightforward and offered in the fullest of understandings that it’s far easier to say than to do, but you do need to start somewhere. Your challenge is to make your dream a reality and the first step is to understand that it’s your idea, your vision and your motivation that will not only turn the wish into action but will largely dictate what your business looks like in years to come, good or bad. That’s not to say that you will continue throughout this journey alone but once you realise and demonstrate that you have the necessary interest, passion and motivation to move this forward you will have taken your first major step. 

Why not speak to someone about your idea? This could be a family member or even a friend and represents a definite action to invite opinion, obtain feedback and to perhaps have your idea and yourself challenged in a manner not available to you while your idea remains in the safe confines of your own mind.   All of this will help you to better understand whether you have the motivation and desire to invest the energy in order to progress your idea. Don’t be surprise if this initial step raises more questions than answers but instead use this to shape your thoughts. You may well be realising that you have particular experience which will contribute to making your idea a success or that there are some gaps which will need to be addressed. You may also be realising that there are some obvious hurdles that you need to tackle before you can make your idea a reality.  I’d suggest that this is the right time to be chatting things through with an Adviser. Certain skills gaps can be addressed through further training, knowledge gaps can be tackled via market research and solutions to problems can often be reached by seeking an alternative perspective.  

Once you have completed this initial step you’ll be joining the elite group of people who have not only dared to dream but were also prepared to do something about it! 


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