Honouring Scotland’s entrepreneurial talent for 20 years, the Elevator Awards has recognised a wide array of skills from companies and individuals working in all areas and levels of business across Aberdeen City and Shire.

Whether it’s a bespoke business with a promising future, a company with an exciting and innovative technology at the heart of its success, an individual who has overcome significant challenges to establish their business or a world-class entrepreneur who has made a real difference to the world they work in. Our Awards create the perfect platform to showcase this to the wider industry.

But what are the benefits of entering the Elevator Awards beyond the trophy? Professor Gary McEwan, our CEO, shares his top reasons for entering. 


Passion is at the core of many businesses - you want everyone to know that what you do really does matter. Everyone expects you to evangelise about your business but when someone else does, it carries so much more weight.

The trust and credibility that comes with awards recognition can play a key part in a potential new customer's decision to choose you.

Employee motivation

Being seen as best in class reflects well on everyone in the business. It gives a welcome boost to staff; nominating your team for their work shows you believe in them and their achievements. 

It also reminds staff what’s good about the business and why they’re proud to be part of it. Who doesn’t want to work for an award-winning company?

Impressing the judges 

Over 20 hand-picked judges scrutinise every detail of your entry. They are the best and most respected individuals in their industry, who are at the top of their game. Our finalists, winners and their customers know they have satisfied the critics.

Benchmark against industry peers

It is crucial to raise your profile, be seen by your market and visible to your clients.  More often than not, the pioneers and innovators of the industry are those who willing shout about their success.

By sharing stories and being open about the secret to your success the industry you operate in will evolve. Being part of the Elevator Awards provides you with the perfect platform.

Become part of a long history of Elevator winners

We have 19 years of prestigious awards winners under our belt, we have recognised standout business players, innovators and leaders, as well as companies who have demonstrated an outstanding performance in less than three years, to mentors who are influencing and inspiring our future generations.

Why not join this illustrious and successful group? Visit our Finalist page to see who your company could sit alongside.

Celebrating YOU!

Finally, it has been a long and difficult journey for you and many others; you have achieved so much. Why wouldn’t you celebrate that?

Nominations are open for the Elevator Awards 2019. Visit our nomination page for the full list of categories, criteria and nomination forms.


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